BH Macon Elementary 3

Duct for BH Macon Elementary School in Dallas

We recently manufactured and delivered approximately 2,000lbs of ductwork to Vasq Sheet Metal for BH Macon Elementary School in Dallas.

We provided exposed-to-view, double-wall spiral ductwork for the cafeteria. There is no ceiling to conceal the ductwork so it will be completely visible once the construction is done.   This type of work is our bread and butter, and we were able to turn their order around in only seven days.

In addition, kudos to our delivery driver Adam for going the extra mile. The building where the duct was needed had prior excavation work done around the receiving doors. Not only was there a sizeable mound of dirt, there was a 4-foot deep trench to navigate. He took a few extra minutes to position the truck and its ramp across the trench so the installers could easily unload the duct.

Vasq Sheet Metal of Arlington is working on a several school projects and we’re helping with those as well. We would like to thank them for their business.