Delivery Truck For Duct

Delivering Duct with Our Own Truck

One of the ways L&L Fabrication sets itself apart is by delivering your ductwork with our own truck. Typically, we can deliver an order up to 350 miles in any direction.

So what’s the big deal? Because our delivery driver has a much closer relationship with the field crew, we may be able to handle special requests. For instance, a field crew may tell our driver they’d like the second floor before finishing the first floor. Our driver can call our office and ask to have the loads switched around.

There are occasions when an order is too large for our truck to handle. In those cases, we select a carrier that offers maximum efficiency – both in delivery time and price.

Delivering your order with our own truck offers several advantages for our customers. And don’t be surprised if our driver hands you a box of donuts when he arrives.