KwikFlanges are used to economically connect round duct where slip fit or angle ring connections are not applicable. KwikFlanges are connected by standard metal screws, yielding a solid joint using minimal labor.  For medium and large diameter applications or any elevated installations, KwikFlanges are the ideal solution for cost conscious installers.

Angle Rings

L&L Fabrication is able to offer an extensive inventory, ready for immediate delivery. We also custom roll Angle Rings in a variety of materials to meet your exact specifications. Up to 14” our rings are stamped using a proprietary process which enables us to provide a quality product at a unmatched price. Over 14” all our rings are rolled and provide a true ninety degree angle, tight fit, and a strong product that can withstand harsh environments.

Duct Fabrication

L&L Fabrication has the facilities and expertise to become your prime source for your commercial duct or industrial duct fabrication. We supply standard duct products or cover any of your custom duct fabrication needs. Our duct fabrication ranges from small duct sizes for commercial applications to very large heavy gauge industrial duct.

Spiral Duct – Single Wall/Double Wall

L&L Fabrication fabricates a complete line of spiral pipe / duct and fittings. We supply a wide range of spiral duct from light weight small duct sizes to heavy gauge, large diameter spiral duct. We have one of the largest, best equipped spiral duct facilities in southwest, enabling us to meet any of your spiral pipe needs.

Oval Duct – Single Wall/Double Wall

Oval Duct is an economical option when space constrains prevent the use of round duct. Oval duct still offers favorable pressure loss coefficients compared to rectangular duct. Its uniform appearance makes it a better choice than rectangular duct for exposed applications. L&L fabricates single wall and double wall oval duct. For sizes, please refer to our duct sizes table below. For special requests and larger minor axis we offer long seam oval duct.